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Atul Mittal
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A year and a half into this WFH culture and we’ve strived and thrived beautifully to adjust ourselves into this new normal. I thought of spreading out 6 WFH tips that can help everyone regardless of the nature of work they do especially to those who are struggling to survive into this virtual mode of working.

Keeping “fixed hours” for working really helps to keep the “Work-life” balance intact. Think like you’ve got one hour to travel to the office(which you…

Really appreciate all your thoughts on Remote working.

To add on, there is one very important thing which I generally follow is to take necessary breaks/leaves from work. Amid this pandemic time, people are generally not taking leaves and long leaves is not a normal thing nowadays. We should be really taking those breaks to rejuvenate ourselves with more energy and motivation.

Let’s expose JS Engine and understand how and why this plays important role in making JS the most followed programming/scripting language in the world.

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#1 => console.log(“JS Engine is not a Hardware”);

Yes, JS Engine is not a piece of hardware that you install on your PC, Mobile, SmartWatch, or in Robots. This is just like a normal code that is written in another language to convert the JS Code into low-level (Binary) machine understandable code.

We use a lot of Microservices in our day-to-day lives without even realizing it because they generally do the same task but in a more efficient and more rapid manner. Let’s discuss, how they are more efficient when compared to the “Monolithic” Architecture world. It’s very interesting and informative. There are real-time examples that use Microservice Architecture given at the end of the article but before it’s important to understand this paradigm.

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Cloud Computing Generation

We are living in a cloud computing generation where every other thing resides on very huge servers having immense computing power and very large storage capacity. Companies these…

Check out some of the amazing open source APIs which you can utilize to create and make your frontend portfolio more diverse and relevant to the current market.

Minimal and Productive set up to make this post fancier. Source:
    This API gives fake details of random people around the world like their name, contact number, email address, postal address, birthday, and even password. You can very well utilize this information to create something like shown on their website. To query API, go to this link. Check out the sample that I have created using this API.
    Source Code:

Don’t just wait for the perfect time to come, make a one.

A Random Pic downloaded without violating any copyright issue so to make this post an elegant one… *peace*

1. Ultimate Motivation — Driving me crazy

They say “Time is Money”, obviously, I mean just look at some of the hardworking people out there working in high-rise skyscrapers(these days WFH obviously) from morning to evening in a fixed pattern, are they rich or are they simply happy and contented? I don’t need to answer this, since, you are intelligent enough(I can assume this, right?).
So, what is there when they “Time is Money”?
I think in today’s era it should be rephrased to “Time Management is Money”. All that distinguishes is this “Management” word. Here are…

We are either producing it or consuming it or leveraging it.

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In this digital era where the moment you born, you consume some bits or bytes of some long distant unknown server which stores your preliminary information like your Sexual Orientation, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and many more. And this happens in a fraction of a few seconds. Just imagine how much data you’ll generate in your whole lifetime. On average a person lives for around 2491000000 seconds and that’s simply huge.

Today, we are going to understand a few of the important pillars of Data that we need to hold and make sure that they are well concreted.

Role of Data in the 21st Century:

Let’s understand why sleeping is as important as doing Workout.

So much has been said and articulated on the importance of having a deep and sound sleep. You also would have studied or read on the harmful effects of undersleeping and oversleeping.

Let’s see all of that information in a compiled way which will give you a clear idea of why it’s important to give importance to the most powerful exercise you got to do throughout your life.

Deep Sleep: A Boon or A Bane?
According to research by famous “Sleep Scientist” Matt Walker, here are some keynotes benefits of having a ‘Deep n Sound’ Sleep.

Sleep is necessary to…

Let’s understand which one is better.


Recently, we all have been going through the toughest phase our life has ever seen. With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been substantial changes in the lives of every other being on this planet.
Salaried people facing problems like Workforce Reduction, Salary deductions, being forced to take leaves without Pay, and many more.
However, there is one Buzzword that has gained popularity and importance amidst all these and that is WORK FROM HOME or how we abbreviate it WFH. So, there has been a huge change in the way how people used to work earlier and how they work…


So what exactly is Work-Life Balance?

For some people, it’ll be getting free from the office daily at 5–6 pm and then do whatever we have in our personal life. For some, it’ll be a lively atmosphere in the office/workplace where everyone is equally paying attention to overall development with the company’s development and the list goes on. It’ll never be the same for everyone. So here are some tips that you can follow to make it happen based on your needs and requirements.

1. Work is a never-ending process:

Yep, you heard it right. So no matter whether you…

Atul Mittal

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